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J.P. Lamp is a man of many passions. He is a budding entrepreneur who splits his time hosting an up and coming podcast named Triple F, business consulting in the e-commerce & mobile space, and as the lead recruiting for e.biT Consulting. His podcast, Triple F, is focused on fashion, fitness and of course food. In regards to his business consulting for startups, his niche market has been in mobile and the e-commerce space. He’s a sought after public speaker and speaking engagement topics include – the process of developing your first mobile app, the transition from college to the working world, retailing in the e-commerce industry, leadership development and attracting, retaining & developing top talent in the tech industry. He is a Milwaukee native who spent a decade in Madison, briefly circled back to Milwaukee, and has now landed in Chicago to pursue more adventures.




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Card Games

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TRIPLE F – Fashion, Fitness, and Food

A podcast about my adventures in Fashion, Fitness, and Food.