Episode 043: Three Times Per Day

When Rachael started this persuit of Three Times Per Day , She thought the most interesting thing she could write about — and explore the world through — was food. However, much like our current presidential candidates, she’s changed my mind since then.

It’s been just about a year since she first started Three Times Per Day. Since then, she’s developed new passions and interests, grown in her career, returned to school, gotten involved with an amazing non-profit, began writing for Fitt Chicago, and have all the while continued to assess the evolving meaning of health and balance. In short, she feels as though limiting Three Times Per Day to food would mean she was not writing about that which is most important to her or most interesting to you.

She realized one’s spends their day basically three ways: working, playing, and recharging. The new and improved Three Times Per Day is all about navigating the balance between doing these things. Food will obviously still be a focal point, since it’s her ultimate recharge activity. But she (and special guest writers!) will also be posting about exercise, the fun things to do (around Chicago, definitely, and the world, maybe??), and self-exploration. Because she’s a female young professional and am examining the world through this lens, the topics covered will primarily cater to that audience. But balance is not reserved for women and yuppies! It’s something people from all walks of life strive to achieve, so  she hopes everyone who stumbles upon this finds something for them.

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