Episode 052: WalknTalk / Big Murphy's (Part 2) - Nathan Minnehan

WalknTalk was born on the inspirational sunburned streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studying abroad, enterprising founder Nathan Minnehan started making and selling handmade leather bound journals at a colorful street fair. Nathan sold his guitar in a basement bar in Buenos Aires, bought sixty pounds of leather, and returned to the states with a plan to build WalknTalk. In 2012 WalknTalk was founded in Chicago, and currently produces handmade, high quality leather goods designed to inspire a philosophy of self-creation through intentional travel. The WalknTalk philosophy aims to inspire individuals to get lost to find yourself. A portion of profits are donated to youth exchange, and student travel through the WalknTalk Dream Box Scholarship.

Big Murphy’s has been born out of a burning desire to offer a unique line of leather products that speak volumes about who you are, and why you do what you do. All of the products in the Big Murphy’s line are custom made to order in four to six weeks.  All of our leathers come from Italy, and our hardware is sourced from the best producers in the world. (Not China).  Our goods are all handmade in the region of Bohemia, Central Europe, with the skilled artisanship of generations.    




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