Episode 070: Grant McNamara

A goofy nerd with elegant style and confidence… is that a real thing? Don’t let the jokes and laughter distract you, one minute talking with Grant McNamara about fashion and style is all it takes to see how passionate and talented he is. As one of Chicago’s top stylist for both men and women, he doesn’t see any client as a challenge, just an opportunity to have fun. Now, Grant is beginning to design his own line, G ALXNDR.

Not having any formal background in fashion, he went from the consulting and corporate world to being named one of Chicago’s most stylish men in just a couple years. What does he attribute it to? His Ma making him iron his clothes when he was younger. That, caring, and telling his personal story through style and living happy.

It might help that he won a nationwide model search contest and has been seen in numerous publications and videos, including a cover of Chicago Style Weddings magazine, the face of LYFE Kitchen ads, and the face of a local custom clothing company.