Episode 074: Strange Foods Chicago 2 - Keng Sisivath

Ever wonder what  munching on Fried Grasshoppers tastes like? How about having water Jelly for dessert? How about savoring Split Duck Face all the while watching Taiko drummers, Lao and Samoan dancers? 

These are just a few of the dynamic plates and dance troupes that will be offered at Strange Foods Festival 2. The festival will be held at the beautiful Stan Mansion. Last year’s fest  attracted 500 people sampling strange dishes from Chicago’s local restaurants. Featured items were steamed brain in banana leaves, sticky rice stuffed then grilled in a bamboo stalk for dessert, black corn fungus and eyeball tacos, bulls testicles and many more.  The title Strange Foods may get guests to look the other way but when in actuality the term strange only applies to those that aren’t accustom to it.  What is strange in America, may actually be a delicacy in other nations.  The Festival will educate people on dishes that may look unfamiliar with unusual ingredients but can be very tasty if executed right.  Last years cuisine ranged from Syrian, Thai, Laotian, Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese.  We had some hiccups but will definately learn from it.  We appreciate all that attended and promised this year it’s all about paying attention to details and curating dishes so that no vendor space is wasted. 

The same brain child from last years event will be organizing this fest but this time he will be partnering up with Dew Suriyawan(Thai Food Festival co- Founder and Owner of Immm Rice and Beyond and Spoon).  There will be returning vendors with new dishes and new vendors such as Kei Go Lanee(Oaxaca), Seafood on the Tables(Cajun), Sweet Rice(Thai), Ninjafoods(Laos), Bydamao(Chengdu), Mandi Noor(Yemen), Suchi(Japanese) and many more. 

Early bird tickets will be starting at $45 and general admission topping at $55.  The ticket price will include unlimited drinks and food tasting from 15+ restaurants, photo booth provided by defining78.com.  Free parking a block away at Darwin Elementary School. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Feed My Starving Children Foundation. With your help we fed  5k hungry kids last year.   

Find us on Facebook Strange Foods Chicago Festival and Instagram @strangefoodschicagofestival for photos from last year and  future updates.